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Age Minimizing after-Sun Care

A complete after-sun and anti-aging face care specially formulated to meet all the needs of skin stressed by sun exposure.

An exclusive combination of active ingredients designed to:

  • Repair skin after sun exposure

    Andiroba oil and Shea Butter combine with a new active ingredient, a peptidic extract derived from a micro-algae capable of inhibiting the 2 key mediators* involved in the heating sensation caused by the sun.

  • Prevent external signs of skin aging

    A combination of anti-free radical agents of botanical (Alkekengi Calyx extract), mineral (Rhodochrosite extract) and vitamin origin helps prevent sign of skin aging and protect cellular DNA*.

    To combat dehydration, responsible for fine lines, a selection of moisturizing active ingredients restores the skin’s moisture level and provides suppleness and luminosity.

  • Best prepare the skin for sun exposure the next day

    The White Willow leaf extract stimulates defense proteins and HSP (Heat Shock Proteins) *, to create an anti-stress shield and prepare the skin for tomorrow’s exposure to the sun.

*in vitro test

The skin is soothed, instantly refreshed and durably rehydrated.
It is visibly smoother and more luminous.
Tan is even and longer lasting.
Directions for Use
Apply liberally on face, neck and décolleté after exposure to the sun and when returning from holiday to prolong the tan. All skin types, even sensitive.
Active Ingredients
  • Micro-algae peptidic extract: inhibit two key mediators involved in the heating sensation caused by the sun
  • Shea butter: repairs
  • Plum oil: nourishes and protects
  • Andiroba oil: soothes and regenerates
  • Alkekengi Calyx extract: stimulates collagen fiber synthesis, anti-free radical and anti-collagenesis action
  • Vitamin E Acetate: strengthens the skin’s natural defenses
  • Rhodochrosite extract: anti-free radical action
  • Einkorn extract: anti-glycation action
  • Botanical glycerin: moisturizes
  • Pro-Vitamin B5: maintains moisture levels and softens the skin
  • White Willow leaf extract: stimulates the skin’s natural defenses