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Sun Glow Pressed Powder

Apply this duo of fine powders, Miel and Cannelle, to certain points on the face for a sun-kissed, radiant glow.

Phyto-Touches are virtually intangible: they smooth onto skin very naturally for a velvety, tanned look.

With their extremely fine texture, they glide on very easily, defining and/or highlighting key areas of the face.

Hawthorn and Calendula extracts provide softness and comfort.
The Phyto-Touches powder duos are not comedogenic and are suitable for all skin types and complexions. By adjusting the shades to the skin tone, they can be used all year long.

Beauty Tips
Firstly, gently sweep the lighter shade across the entire face, then place a little touch of the darker shade onto key areas: the nose, arch of the eyebrows, cheekbones, top of the forehead, chin and ear lobes.

In order to enhance Phyto-Touches’s hold, start by applying a light veil of Transparent Loose Face Powder to the entire face.
Active Ingredients
  • Hawthorn:softens, decongestant action
  • Calendula:softens
Available in the following shades
Duo Miel Canelle   Duo Pêche Dorée